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Everything about Withdrawal

You've been trading successfully under Kwakol markets account and it's time to cash out.

Here's how to withdraw from your trading account;

First, log into your Kwakol markets account through www.Kwakolmarkets.com.

Then click on the three dashes in the top left-hand corner of your screen to reveal the drop-down menu; on that menu, click on funds and then on withdrawal, to withdraw your fiat or crypto funds.

Let's start with fiat.

Click on ‘select wallet’ and choose the wallet you'll like to make a withdrawal from. Then click on withdraw amount and type the amount you would like to withdraw.

Under select type, click on fiat and scroll down to enter your relevant bank account details.

Click proceed. That's a withdrawal request successful message, showing your withdrawal request was successfully sent. 

Yes, it's that easy.

Now to CRYPTO.

Still on the withdrawal menu under funds, click on crypto under select type.

Choose your desired withdrawal method under select method and scroll down to paste the wallet address that you want your crypto currency to be sent to.

You could leave a comment and also save details for further transactions and then click proceed, 

Voila; Once your blockchain processes the transaction your funds will reflect in your cryptocurrency wallet.