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Exploring your dashboard

Your Dashboard is a one-stop-shop for all Kwakol Markets' related activities, including:

  • Depositing into your trading accounts
  • Creating new trading accounts
  • Becoming an IB (Introducing Broker)
  • Managing your Kwakol Markets account settings

And so much more; you’ll find everything you need to trade with Kwakol Markets on your Dashboard.


How to log in to your Dashboard

To login to your Dashboard, visit my.kwakolmarkets.com 

You will need to provide the following credentials to log in:

  • Your email address: The email address used during the registration of your Kwakol Markets account. 
  • Account password: Set when you created your account with Kwakol Markets (not to be confused with any trading account passwords).

Having difficulty logging in? Kindly contact your account manager or send an email to support@kwakol.com