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How to create a MAM master account on Kwakol invest

Create a MAM account in a few seconds! To achieve that, Kindly take the following steps:

● Sign in to your Kwakol Markets trader’s room using your registered email address and password. If you are yet to register, kindly click on sign up now.

● Once logged in you can navigate to the Kwakol Invest Tab or Click on the “Menu” tab on the left-hand side then click on the “Kwakol Invest” tab.

● Once you click on Kwakol Invest, it immediately redirects you to your Kwakol Invest page.

● Create a MAM master account by clicking on the “Open Master Account”, then you select MAM as the type of account. 

● Default currency is USD, select the leverage of your choice either 1:100 OR 1:200. Be sure to click on the tiny box to accept terms and conditions. 

● Then Click on the “Open Account”  

Your MAM master account would appear immediately on your dashboard. Congratulations! You will also receive an account opening email with the trading account login details. You can now get others to copy your trades at your desired fee.