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How to create a master account

As an experienced trader, I’m sure you’re open to more ways to make money. Well, here’s a way to make more money with Kwakol Markets. 

It’s called the ‘Master Trader’ incentive, and is a unique package curated for experienced traders to create a Master Trader account to which others can subscribe and copy trade. 

Here’s how to create a Master Account with Kwakol Markets. 

First, log into your Kwakol Markets account through www.kwakolmarkets.com

On that menu, click on KWAKOL INVEST to reveal your Kwakol Invest Dashboard. 

Now, click OPEN MASTER ACCOUNT and enter your preferred ACCOUNT TYPE, CURRENCY and LEVERAGE.

Then, set a unique password under CREATE A PASSWORD FOR YOUR ACCOUNT, check the box acknowledging the terms and conditions, and click OPEN ACCOUNT.

You’ve just received a successful account opening email notification, which contains your unique master trading account login information.

You may also check out your dashboard to see your new Master Trading account.


You may now notify your community of the good news, because now that you’re a Master Trader with Kwakol Markets, they (and others) can subscribe to your account and copy trade.