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How to exchange your deposited amount

One of the best things about trading with Kwakol Markets is that we are a multi-asset broker. What this means is that with us, it’s so easy to convert your funds from one currency to another. Let me show you how!

First, log into your Kwakol Markets account through www.kwakolmarkets.com

On that menu, click on EXCHANGE and then, fill in the relevant details under FROM CURRENCY and TO CURRENCY. 

Here’s a great example. 

Say you want to exchange one hundred Dollars ($100) to your Naira (NGN) wallet. 

Under FROM CURRENCY, click SELECT WALLET to choose the wallet you want to make an exchange from; in this case, your Dollar (USD) wallet.

Then, under AMOUNT FROM, enter the amount you want to exchange; in this case that’s one hundred Dollars ($100). 

Now we move to TO CURRENCY.

All you’ll need to do at this point is to choose the wallet into which you want the exchange made. 

In our example, that’s your Naira (NGN) wallet. So, click SELECT WALLET and choose NGN. 

Voila! You see that under AMOUNT TO, your hundred Dollars is automatically converted to the Naira value, using today’s exchange rate.

It really is that easy!

Now, click EXCHANGE and would you look at that? An instant exchange has been made!

The exchanged amount [your hundred Dollars] is now in your desired [Naira] wallet, and this appears on your exchange history.