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How to make a transfer to another client

The best part about having a Kwakol Markets account is that you become a member of the Kwakol Tribe!

As a member of the Kwakol Tribe, it’s very easy to transfer funds to a fellow member of the tribe.

Here’s how to make a transfer to a fellow account holder on your Kwakol Markets account. 

First, log into your Kwakol Markets account through www.kwakolmarkets.com

On that menu, click on FUNDS and then, INTERNAL TRANSFER to fill in the relevant details under SOURCE ACCOUNT and DESTINATION ACCOUNT to make a transfer.

Let’s use a great example.

Jane and John both have accounts with Kwakol Markets, and are both proud members of the Kwakol Tribe.

To transfer funds to John, Jane has logged into her Kwakol Markets account, opened FUNDS on her dropdown menu and has clicked INTERNAL TRANSFER.

The next thing Jane needs to do is click FROM ACCOUNT under SOURCE ACCOUNT and choose the account she wants to transfer from. 

Then, under DESTINATION ACCOUNT, Jane will have to enter John’s relevant details. 

Under TO CLIENT ID, Jane enters John’s client ID and under TO ACCOUNT, Jane confirms the specific account number that John wants the money sent to. 

Finally, Jane enters the amount she wants to transfer to John under TRANSFER AMOUNT and clicks TRANSFER.

That’s a successful transfer notification from Jane’s Kwakol Markets account to John’s Kwakol Markets account.