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How to Open a live MT5 Trading Account

Now, you’re a proud owner of a Kwakol Markets account, and would love to start trading live on the MT5 trading platform. 

Here’s what you do -

First, go to www.kwakolmarkets.com and click (on the) SIGN IN (button) to log into your Kwakol Markets account. 

Now that you’re signed in, On that menu, click on TRADING ACCOUNTS and then on MT5 to create a new live account. 

Make sure to check the box marked LIVE to ensure that you’re filling in the right details for your live account.

Then, scroll down to CREATE LIVE ACCOUNT, and fill in your preferred options for Platform, Currency, Hedging and Leverage. 

The best part about this is that you have a wide range of account types to choose from. 

With Kwakol Markets, you could choose to create a Standard, ECN, Pro, VIP, Cent or No Swap (that’s an Islamic) Account. 

Now, all that’s left to do is confirm that you have a minimum of $10, and that the details you’ve filled in are YOUR preferred trading choices. Then, click OPEN ACCOUNT.

 That’s an email containing login details for your new MT5 Live Account, which you should keep safe and private. 

 And with that, you have now successfully created an MT5 Live Account on Kwakol Markets. 

You now have full and unlimited access to the excellent trading conditions that Kwakol Markets provides.